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Ever Dissected a Rabbit?

Crazy rabbit who posts tf2, off and other games with a love of watership down and streaming movies and lps.
Dec 13 '11


For the second part of your question -

Oui, after hours, we have had careful dinner by the canal.  Lance can cook a few things, mostly “Tex-mex” (I’m told that is “Texan style Mexican food”).  His chicken enchiladas are very good.

I even swiped a candle from the RED Pyro - it’s not a romantic dinner without candlelight.

Aw shit having a down cycle. I guess I can waste time on tum— HOLY SHIT. 

SO HAPPY. Ah you two make me want to write more <3

And how darling of you to think of the candle.

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    Just a classic romantic
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    Indeed. A Frenchy Frenchman who likes cars. And whose cute lil squid butt sticks up like that when he lays. Also I just...
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    ASfafsgfdasfdasd, these two, I just love them so much.
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